Dear Colleagues,

This year 2015 promises to be a time of flux for many of us. The changing landscape of the local health care system, with the impending implementation of the Mexico Principles, ASEAN integration, and strengthening of local regulatory bodies, poses many challenges for our organization and our individual professional lives as well.

With this as context it is well to remember our updated Mission and Vision: PNA is here to Promote, Nurture, and Advance the interests of all its members. Specifically for this year we plan to strengthen our chapters, ratify the proposed constitutional amendments, be more actively involved with Philhealth, PCP, and PMA, and prepare our trainees well to be productive members of the local and international neurology communities.

We your Board of Governors of the PNA promise to always be HANDS ON (Highly connected, Active and proactive, Navigate direction, Driven by purpose, Share expertise and experiences, and always ON)!

The Board of Governors is working as a team and moving us one and I encourage all members of the association to be with us and actively participate in the various activities of the organization.

Paul Matthew D. Pasco, MD, FPNA
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